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Networking Coimbatore :-


we provide complete network services to small businesses and home offices. Specializes in computer networks, including design, build and debug computer networks, organize data and files, handle Internet connections and network security. We offers quality networking services available to you and your business .


Complete Network

We are your complete computer networking solution.
We provide service on any existing network or can provide a complete turnkey network, complete with new PC's. We support Windows 3.x / 9x /2000 / NT/XP on PC's ,Novell, and all operating systems on Apples.


Home Networking


Home Networking is what you need to do when you need to be productive at home. Whether its you working on your office terminal from the comfort of home or sharing multiple computers with one Internet connection.


We can provide:

  • Internet Connection Sharing for Satellite/Cable/DSL/Dial-up connections

  • Home Phone line Networks

  • Wireless Networking

  • Sharing Printers

  • And much more

Wireless Networks


Until recently, wireless local-area network products were used primarily in certain traditional organizations. Wireless LANs meet the requirement for users to move freely while remaining connected to the network. More organizations are planning for and implementing wireless LANs than ever before. Wireless LAN solutions can provide flexible connectivity solutions where only fixed solutions existed before:

  • Mobile sales personnel and consultants

  • IT professionals and business executives

  • Sites that are not conducive to LAN wiring because of building or budget limitations

  • Cost savings offered by a line-of-sight, building-to-building bridge


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