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Welcome to Skynet Sms Gateway :

Skynet Sms Gateway has several advantages. It is more discreet than a phone conversation, making it the ideal form for communicating when you don't want to be overheard. It is often less time-consuming to send a text message than to make a phone call or send an e-mail. SMS Blaster is also a convenient way for deaf and hearing-impaired people to communicate.

SMS is a store-and-forward service, meaning that when you send a text message to a Client, the message does not go directly to your Client's cell phone. The advantage of this method is that your Client 's cell phone doesn't have to be active or in range for you to send a message. The message is stored in the SMSC (for days if necessary) until your friend turns his cell phone on or moves into range, at which point the message is delivered. The message will remain stored on your Client's SIM card until he deletes it.

In addition to person-to-person messages, SMS Blaster can be used to send a message to a large number of people at a time, either from a list of contacts or to all the users within your Phonebook. This service is called SMS broadcasting and is used by companies to contact groups of employees or their Clients to distribute news and other information shortly.

One Way SMS Solutions:

Send SMS to wide range of clients using the mobile numbers stored in the

Two Way SMS Solutions:

Brings intelligence to your SMS services. People who receive an SMS from you are now able to reply directly via SMS. The reply is received by our SMS Software can be validated and serves immediately to the client’s request with the predefined criteria. Our two-way SMS enables cross-country, cross-operator SMS services, using a single mobile number.

Benefits :-

  • Brand in Hand" - SMS Delivered in Seconds, Instant and faster than e-mail.
  • "Cost'" - Significantly Cheaper than other Media.
  • "Interactivity" - Possibly
  • "Proximity" - Gsm Mode is always easy to carry .
  • "Digital" - Medium Allowing for deep Compaign Analysis.
  • "High Reach" - Over 90 million Mobile Subscriber in India.
  • "Personal" - Communication to an Individual.
  • People Forward SMS to Others.
  • Very secure and private.
  • Send messages to customers, friends, family, work colleagues, etc
  • Advertise effectively.
  • Used for improved debt collection
  • Used in all industries from clubs to organizations
  • Speak to your customers and teams on the go
  • Notify customers of order status. Etc
  • Remind customers of appointments and bookings etc
  • Communicate with large groups of people instantaneously
  • Perfect for alerts, marketing or simply communicating with staff and clients
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