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Software Development Services:-


Software development is the key to success in this highly competitive world of business. From banking, stock trades, ticketing, retail, cellular, etc. everything is supported by a software program. Offshore Software development provides solutions to company's that reduce manpower, paperwork, monitoring, time and above all ensures transparency in all activities.


Skynet Technologies is a custom software development company based in Coimbatore india. We at Skynet recognize the importance of custom software development and offer offshore software services that provide cutting edge solutions utilizing the latest technologies.


Our company has qualified and experienced team of software professionals with varied domain knowledge and expertise that will add value and provide a competitive & distinct advantage in custom software development services. Our software development company onsite and offsite / outsourcing services professional and cost effective manner. Our services are provided at an hourly competitive rates. For services please feel free to contact us.

Enterprise applications are more critical than ever. Modern global enterprises are constantly changing, adopting new technologies and business processes to remain competitive. For nearly several years, Skynet has helped companies automate changes to the applications that run their businesses — regardless of platform, technology or application.

Now we’re extending our mission with the Skynet Application Framework for Enterprises vision. Skynet Application Framework was developed with the realization that process-to-process integration would give our customers an invaluable operational advantage. Skynet is evolving to meet that vision by developing solutions that work in tandem, regardless of whether they’re separated by an operating system of an ocean. Providing end-to-end Application Lifecycle Management, Skynet is proud to offer the industry’s most complete set of integrated products.

Skynet.SMG - server application:

Fast, secure, reliable, easy to use, and easy to maintain. You can set up it in just a few minutes!

Skynet.SMG - desktop client

Great desktop client that will help your work with project data and keep all information in your hands. It is easy to install and set-up and contains several features that can make project management more user-friendly.

Skynet.SMG - web application

Dynamic extension of Microsoft Internet Information Server. ASP.NET makes this application up-to-date. This application gifts you smart page design and web access to projects using only your web browser.

Skynet.SMG - Visual Studio.Net Add-In

Oriented on Microsoft Visual Studio.Net this add-in provides all functionality of SMG.DesktopClient and makes life of developers more comfortable. Full integration with a studio environment and easy install are gratifying to the eye.


Custom Software Development


Custom Software Development is the development of software that is tailor-made to suit the exact needs of a business. In today's highly competitive business world the difference between a custom software development package and a standard software development package can mean the difference between the success of your business and the otherwise.


If you are a company having business operations that is widely distributed or highly competitive and if you have too many business features to be included, then custom software development is the best way to stay competitive and achieve high rate of success.


Standard software development, on the other hand, is like quick-fix solutions, where you need to make compromises in terms of addressing specific requirements. It is less expensive and offered to you immediately. However there is serious limitation in standard software development which is why most companies look for a perfect custom software development package to improve their efficiency and stay competitive.


We understand that each organization or company have their unique style of functioning and requirements. We therefore analyze your business needs, product & industry requirements and deliver tailor-made, cost-competitive, scalable and robust custom software development solutions.


Our custom-made software development solutions cater to the need of your specific customers & their services, administrative functions, goals, type of output etc.

We have a wide variety of software packages available comprising of:

Pre made Software List

  • Sky HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT. (A Large/small Hospital management software)
  • Sky HOTEL MANAGEMENT. (A Large/small Hotel management software)
  • Sky INSTITUTE MANAGEMENT. (A Large/small School, college, institute management software)
  • Sky ID CARD BUILDER. (An Identity card builder software for school, office or factory environment)
  • Sky FINANCE ASSISTANT.(A Fast computing software for finance & accounting field)
  • Sky LABOUR CONSULTANT.(A Labour consultancy software for Large/small concern, factory environment etc.)
  • Sky MEDICAL SHOP MANAGEMENT.(A Distributor/retailer like Medical shop management software)
  • Sky MIS. (A Management information system for large/small concern)
  • Sky MEDICAL LAB MANAGEMENT. (A Large/small medical Laboratory management software)
  • Sky CLINIC MANAGEMENT. (A Large/small Clinic activity management software)
  • Sky TIME MANAGEMENT.(An Attendance register and salary bill printing software)
  • Sky IVR. (A Call Resiver through computer and call list making software)
  • PAPER BUILDER. (An Examination Paper setting software for PET, PMT, RAS, MBA etc.)
  • QUOTATION BUILDER. (A Quotation making software in different formats & style for all types of traders)
  • PAYROLL MANAGEMENT.(A Payroll management software for Large/small concern, factory environment etc.)


MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS:- HARDWARE::PC with Pentium-3, 800 MHz processor,128 MB RAM,100 MB hard disk space, CD ROM drive, VGA monitor SOFTWARE: window 95 or higher


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